About me

I’m a 31 years old and from Belgium, Europe, I love polish !!!

Even as a kid I enjoyed painting my nails and since highschool I ALWAYS wear nailpolish. So I paint my nails for more than 15 years already !

I started doing the classic french manicure (very popular some years ago) and slowly started using nailstickers or colored french manicure.

After graduating as a elementary school teacher I started experimentating more with colors, stickers and rhinestones.

About 4 years ago I discovered the amazing nail art community on Instagram and was very excited to find people who have the same passion as I.

The IG nailart community inspired me to start with freehand painted designs and I discovered some new great brands.

After a year on IG I decided to add a blog and Facebook page to show even more about my nail art passion.

14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. Yours looks like you understand all there is to understand about nails?
    Look forward to revisiting


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