Bornprettystore stamping plate 36307

Bornprettystore stamping plate item number 36307

Closer look

Macro shot

Some macro shots using Bornprettystore stamping plate 36307

I stamped different pattern using the beautiful @bornprettystore vines stamping plate (item number 36307 ) that I received to review from Alice.

This stamping plate has beautiful patterns and works very well, the image can be picked up very easily 👍
I love all the patterns on this plate that has a great quality 😘

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MoYou tropical stamping 

Macro shot

Moyou tropical stamping plate 23

Moyou stamping by @glamournailart

Moyou tropical stamping plate (front and back)

Black and white nails ♥♥♥

For this mani I used all kind of MoYou products,  a great brand with an amazing quality ♥👍

Products used:

♡ moyou tropical stampingplate number 23

♡ moyou ‘White Knight’ stamping polish 

moyou_london no smudging topcoat (best topcoat ever to avoid smudging)

MoYou white Knight  stamping polish has a great quality and is perfect to stamp on black or dark polish ♥👍♥

Macro shot


Pretty woman nyc polish and héhé stamping plate 


Swatch of Pretty woman nyc light blue ceramic 💙💙💙 (part of the Ceramic Collection)

This creamy light blue (very hard to capture the real color is this beauty😉) is smooth to apply. 

It dries with a matte finish and this gives your nails a soft porcelain look. 

I think it’s really beautiful and classy. Also a perfect polish to use as a base for some romantic nailart.

Pretty woman nyc is 5-free and cruelty free 👍

Pretty woman nyc ‘light blue ceramic’ polish

Romantic stamping

I stamped over my Pretty woman nyc swatch 💙💙💙

I used Héhé plate 009 , part of The Early Collection 💙

I think this héhé plate and pretty woman nyc polish are a perfect match. 

The matte finish of prettywomannyc light blue ceramic polish matches so well with the romantic héhé stamping plate 💙💜

A look at the images on the stamping plate and on my nails

Héhé stamping plate 009

The back of this héhé stamping plate

Macro shot of the key (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the bird (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the fairy (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the cage (héhé stamping plate 009)

The Pretty woman nyc polish I used ‘light blue ceramic’

Stamped nails by @glamournailart