Red waterdecals


BornPrettyStore waterdecals by @glamournailart

Another gorgeous set of waterdecals I received to review from BornPrettyStore

This was part of the package of 4 waterdecals, I think they look very pretty and cute.

Check out BornPrettyStore to order this gorgeous set of waterdecals,  easy to apply and great look !

Polish used : β™‘ Catrice ‘Bloody Mary To Go’

Hugs from @glamournailart


Glamorous red


Glamorous red by @glamournailart

Review of some BornPrettyStore products ❀❀❀

On my ringfinger a gorgeous waterdecal with tiny and delicate flowers, really lovely 🌺🌺🌺
check out BornPrettyStore for this decals

On my middle finger some square charms. I think they give a classy effect on the red polish.

Also the crownring is my ringfinger is from BornPrettyStore

Polish used : β™‘ SoMe ‘Red’ ❀


Red & houndstooth


Houndstooth nails by @glamournailart

Houndstooth nails and a red accentnail ❀❀❀

The chains are from BornPrettyStore
I selected number 7 BornPrettyStore silver chain nr 7

I received them to review and like them very much. The chain is about 20 cm and easy to cut. I put the piece of the chain on my nails by using tweezers and put on topcoat to keep them on place.

Polish used :
β™‘ SoMe ‘red’ ❀
β™‘ Rimmel ‘White hot Love’👻
β™‘ W7 ‘Black’🐬


Close - up of Houndstooth nails by @glamournailart