Sunset on the beach


Beach nails by @glamournailart

Beach nails 

I used Sally Hansen ‘Frozen Solid’ for the ocean and O.P.I polish and caviarbeads for the sand.

I also added some pearls and shell studs

Glamournailart 💕💕


Skull nails


Skull nails by @glamournailart

My skull nails for #nailartchallengejuly
I used Catrice ‘Black to Gold’ and added O.P.I ‘Gold Shatter’ and a stud on my pointer.
On the other fingers I placed skull stickers by ElegantTouch UK http://eleganttouch.com
On my middlefinger I added some extra studs 😉

These are NO nailwraps, only the skulls are stickers. The background is regular polish.
Normally I don’t use a lot of stickers but just saw these in the store and thought they were perfect for the skull theme for the challenge I’m hosting (with a friend) on Instagram http://instagram.com/glamournailart


Cartoon Nails


Pink Cartoonnails by @glamournailart

I really enjoy making cartoonnails ♥♥♥ they’re very easy but also very beautiful. 
I always get compliments when I wear a cartoonmani.

On the picture above you can see my dark pink cartoonnails. The pink is ‘Plumroll please’ from the Nicole by O.P.I. collection.
It’s a very beautiful special shaped bottle.  The polish applies very wel and stays for about 5 days without chipping.
On the accent nail I used L’Oréal ‘Metropolian’ . Really like this grey by L’Oréal, the grey fits well with every other color.


Blue cartoonnails by @glamournailart

These are some blue matte cartoonnails. The blue is from ‘Boulevard de Beauté’

Hope you all liked my cartoonnails. If you wanna try it yourself, I made a tutorial for it 😉 😉

Pictorial/Tutotial Cartoonnails


Tutorial Cartoonnails by @glamournailart

Have a nice day ♥♡♥♡♥