Neon snowflakes 

Neon snowflakes by @glamournailart

Macro shot

Here’re my neon snowflakes ❄❄❄❄❄

I stamped the colorfull snowflakes using bornprettystore stamping polish and heheplate snowflake stamping plate (heheplus fairy tale collection 003) ❄♥❄♥❄♥❄♥❄



Macro shot

Penguinnails by @glamournailart

My penguinnails  🐧💖🐧💖🐧 

I gave them some scarfs and earmuffs because it cold outside ❄❄❄😘😉

I freehand painted the little penguins 🐧🐧🐧 I used heheplate stamping plate plus 003 (fairy tale collection) for the snowflakes ❄❄❄

I’m wearing my new snowmanring because I thought it was a great match with these winternails 🐧❄🐧


Frozen nails

Frozennails by @glamournailart

My frozennails ❄❄❄

For this mani I used a lot of bornprettystore products 💙💙💙: 

♡ Bornprettystore waterdecals (item number 36041) on my pointer and pinkie ❄

♡ Bornprettystore snowflake charms (item number 23765) on my middlefinger and ringfinger ❄

♡ Bornprettystore snowman ring (item number  23645) ⛄and crown ring 👑

Macro shot of a snowflake charm



Macro shot

Northpolenails by @glamournailart

My #northpolenails  ❄❄❄

I used my new Bornprettystore winter waterdecals (item number 36041) on my middlefinger and ringfinger ❄💙❄

I really like the white reindeer it looks very realistic 😘

Check out my new bornprettystore snowman ring ⛄⛄⛄ (item number 23645) perfect for the winter 💙