Rainbow  🦄💜💙💚💛❤🦄

I created a #rainbow background and stamped some cute #unicorns on it 🦄🦄

On my ringfinger I used the reversed stamping technique 🦄

To stamp the unicorn I used @bornprettystore unicorn stamping plate (item number 39130)


Héhé stamping plates science collection 

Bacterianails by @glamournailart

Closer look

Little colorfull bacterias 🐉🐛

Technique used:  Reversed stamping 😘

For this mani I used héhé stamping plate science collection number 089

Héhé stamping plates have a great quality, the image picks up very well ! 

As a topcoat I used essence gummy drop 💖💖

Héhé plate 089

Another look at this bacteria nails

Macro shot

Bacterianails by @glamournailart

I really enjoy using héhé stamping plates,  they have a great quality and have plenty of choice 👍💖
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