Nailhugs used by @glamournailart

I discovered a great new nailart product ‘Nailhugs‘ , it’s really amazing and so easy to use. 

They’re not stickers or decals or foil but simply dry transfers and ultra light.
No need for heat, water or adhesive. It’s all in one 😍😍😍

I’m so excited about this product, Nailhugs are so thin, you barely feel them on your nails. Hou can use them on a colored or nude base, both works fineπŸ‘πŸ‘  


NailHugs / Instructions :

Nails must be dry and free of oil and debris.

Apply regular polish or UV polish and remove tacky layer before applying the NailHugs making sure surface is totally dry.

Cut a square piece of NailHugs to fit the entire surface of the nail including excess (bleed). No need for cuticle precision at all.

Remove white protective sheet and apply the design face to face with the nail to secure application.
With the help of your thumb, rub the entire surface of the nail starting at the cuticle area coming towards the free edge making sure all surrounding edges are well covered including latteral sides. Clear sheet will release itself naturally.

With the help of your small wood stick or a slim stylus, gently separate the NailHugs from the surrounding edges to ease the application of your top coat and promote longer lasting results.

Apply a regular or UV top coat of your choice and remove tacky layer once dried or cured including all the excess and/or bleed on skin. Use the cleanser that is compatible to the top coat that was used to cover the NailHugs. If you’re using a regular top coat, wait until it’s entirely dry and remove the excess by wiping the surface and skin with the same cleanser or alcohol 99%.

For longer lasting results and better protection, apply a second top coat.
Don’t forget to moisturize, ALWAYS!

How to remove: The NailHugs are removable as easily as the top coat of your choice. Make sure to always use a lint free coton.

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Macro shot

Nailhugs are very thin , you don’t feel them on your nails

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