Mani Swap


Kiwi Nails by @glamournailart

I made this Kiwi Nails as a part of the mani swap I did on Instagram http://instagram.com/glamournailart

A few days ago I was asked by http://instagram.com/cutieenailssart to do a mani swap. Of course I said yes 😉

I decided to recreate her kiwi mani. I never did kiwi nails before so I really enjoyed trying out something new 🙂  🙂

Cutieenailssart decided to recrate my Ikat-nails.


Mani Swap

On the left you see the original manis and on the right the recreations.


Ikat nails by @glamournailart

Here you see my original Ikat nails.

I also made a tutorial for Ikat and added an extra page to this blog with some tutorials/pictorials. More tutorials coming up soon 😉  😉  😉


Step 1 : Paint your nails in one opaque color
Step 2 : Paint some triangel shapped dots in a different a color
Step 3 : Paint smaller dots in a different (third) color in the ‘triangel dots’ you painted before
Step 4 : Use a striper or tiny brush to paint small black stripes around both sizes of dots

Maybe the explanation is a bit difficult but just look at the pictures and you’ll get it 😉

Enjoy your day