Pink leopardnails 

Pink leopardnails by @glamournailart

Solo shot of my #maniswap with my sweet friend @talialouisenails 💟💟💟

I recreated her tiny pink leopardmani 💖💖💖

 I used prettywomannyc ‘Relationship Goals’ as a base and freehand painted the leopard pattern 💟

My rings are available @bornprettystore 💍💍💍

Macro shot

Mani swap

I had the honor to swap again with my lovely friend @talialouisenails 💟💟💟 I love recreating her beautiful manis and this time was extra special because today was her birthday 😘😘😘 

Happy Birthday hun ❣❣ I hope you had a wonderful day 💖💖💖

 I recreated her pink leopardmani and she did and amazing job recreating my polish bottles 👍👍👍


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