Take me to Tahiti 

Swatch of Pretty woman nyc ‘Take me to Tahiti’

Macro shot of ‘Take me to Tahiti’

Swatch of Prettywomannyc ‘Take me to Tahiti’ , part of the Sand Collection and one of their newest colors 💟💟💟
This white polish just looks magical 🦄🦄 a perfect polish to wear during the holiday season ⛄⛄

To get a perfect opaque effect I used two coats , but one coat also gives a nice effect ⛄

Just check out prettywomannyc to purchase this gorgeous sand polish ⛄⛄

Polish and waterdecals

Macro shot

After showing you my gorgeous swatch of prettywomannyc ‘Take me to Tahiti’ I created some nailart with this wonderfull polish 💟💟💟

On my middlefinger and ringfinger I used beautiful waterdecals from harunoutastore 💜💜


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