Pretty woman nyc and ejiubas review 

Ejiubas nailvinyls

Sunlight shot

3 double review 😉😉😂😂 💖

To create this design I used nailvinyls that I received to review from ejiubas 💜💜💜 

The vinyls come in a beautiful purple cardboard pouch and are very easy to peel of the sheets. You can easily cut the vinyls in the right size if necessary. 

For my ringfinger I used nailvinyl es-019 and for my other fingers I used es-016 , the last one I cut in smaller pieces to create the stripe design. 

The next tutorial on how to apply this nailvinyls I found on the ejiubas website. 

Instructions on how to use the ejiubas nailvinyls (source ejiubas site)

Check out ejiubas on Amazone for cool nail stuff ! 

Ejiubas nailvinyls

Next part of this review is the gorgeous polish I received from Pretty woman nyc


Pretty woman nyc Sand Dollar and Sassypants

One of the new colors in their collection is ‘Sassypants‘, a gorgeous bright pink polish, I used this one as a base for my mani 💖.

Pretty woman nyc Sassypants 💖 is very smooth to apply (I applied only one coat) and dries up opaque with a more matte finish. (It’s very hard to capture this lovely color with the camera😉😂😘💖)

To create the pattern I used Pretty woman nyc Sand Collection ‘Sand Dollar‘. I love this marvellous silver texture polish, only one coat is enough to get a great coverage and it’s so beautiful and sparkly. 

For this mani I used Pretty woman nyc polish and ejiubas nailvinyls

Closer look at my pointer

Closer look at my ringfinger

Pink and silver nails by @glamournailart

I definitely recommand buying Pretty woman nyc polish , it has a great quality and it’s cruelty free !!!


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