Héhé stamping plate 076 and 094

Héhé stamping plate 076

Nailart by @glamournailart

The packing of the héhé stamping plates

Second review of the héhé stamping plates  I received to review. 

To create this design I used héhé stamping plate 076 (plaids and floral collection)  and 094 (Science collection)

If you’re like me not so good in watermarble stuff this stamping plates are perfect to create a glam stone effect 💚💚💚

Héhé stamping plates have a great quality, the image picks up very well ! 

Check out Héhé plates to get yours 💚👍

To create this design I first stamped on my mint green base using stamping plate 076, first I stamped using a light blue polish and than a darker green polish. After that I used stamping plate 094 to create the silver pattern and finally I added some gold glitter 💚💚💚

I’m very happy how this mani turned out and I definitely recommand buying these Héhé stamping plates  👍👍


Héhé stamping plate 094

Macro shot of my middlefinger

Stamping plate 076 and 094

Stamped nails by @glamournailart

Check out héhé stamping plates to buy a great stamping plate !!! 



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