MoYou London review 

Look at all the goodies MoYou London send me 🎁🎁🎁 

I just love the design of all the MoYou products 💖💖💖 they’re so beautiful, dreamy and elegant 🌸🌸🌸 

There should be a prize for the most beautiful nailart supplies packing, MoYou would definitely win. All the MoYou products are unique and have an exclusive look !!! 

I’m so excited to try this new stamping plates, stamping polish and marshmallow stamper 🙌🙌🙌

MoYou Smudge Resistant Top Coat

I can tell you that I tried out the ‘Smudge Resistant Top Coat’ and I love it 💖💅👍 it does what it promises 👍 absolutely no smudging. 

I definitely recommand to purchase this amazing topcoat, go check out MoYou London to get yours

MoYou goodies

I love using the MoYou Marshmallow stamper

It’s packed in a classy cardboard box with a cute dog on it. The box contains one stamper and one scraper.

The stamper has a metallic holder with a soft squizy silicone head. 

The scraper is branded with one of the beautiful MoYou-London girls (I had Olive , Sailor collection)

The good thing about this scraper is the fact it’s firm and solid and it has the perfect size to work with. 

Check out MoYou London to get yours 😘😘😘


I love this products 😍💖💖💖😘

Back of the stamping plate box

On the back of every MoYou stamping plate packing is a ‘How to use’ tutorial,  very handy 😉

As a conclusion I can say MoYou London is amazing and has great products. I love using them 💅💖💖👍👍👍🙌 and recommand buying them.

Check out MoYou London if you like nailart 💖💖💖



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