Moyou London Geek stamping plate 

For this mani I used MoYou stamping plate Geek 09

Sunlight shot by @glamournailart

Third review of the gorgeous MoYou London stamping plates, polish and stamper I received. 😍😍😍

For this mani I used stamping MoYou plate ‘Geek 09’ and MoYou Marshmallow stamper. 💅💅💅

The Marshmallow stamper is great to use, so soft and it picks up the image very well. It’s one of the best stampers I’ve ever used 👍

I created a cartoon inspired emoji mani 😂😃😘😍😓😜

And of course I also used MoYou Smudge Resistant Top Coat

I really like this no smudge topcoat !!!

It does everything it promises 🙌🙌🙌 no smudging at all 💖💖💅

So perfect to use after applying nailart or stamping 💖💖💖

Go check out MoYou to get yours 😘😘

A look at another beautiful package of the MoYou stamping plates

Back of the MoYou stamping plate: explanation on how to use it

Closer look at the stamping plate and my nails

My nails and some little mandarins in the background

Macro shot of my pinkie

Macro shot of my ringfinger

Macro shot of my middlefinger

Macro shot of my pointer

Emojinails by @glamournailart


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