Kaz Creations review 

Another look at this mani

Purple gradient and care bear by @glamournailart

Macro shot

Purple gradient and care bear 💜💜💜🐻💜💜💜

For this mani I used nailvinyls and waterdecals made by Kaz Creations 💜💜💜

You should check out Kaz Creations , they have the cutest waterdecals ever 💖💖 all kind of cute figures, I love them so much. 

It was very hard to pick only one set of waterdecals but I decided to go for the Care Bears because I think they’re soooo cute🐻💜

The nailvinyls (I used them on my pointer,  middlefinger and pinkie) are very easy to use. Another advantage is that they’re very big, when you cut them in pieces to fit your nails, one decal is enough for 3 or 4 nails. I really like that 😉😉 The inner part stays on the sheet when you remove the stencil of the sheet, so I can only tell you positive things about this #nailstencils 👍👍👍👍💜💜 

Videotutorial is coming up soon on my Youtube channel 😘


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