Pretty woman nyc polish and héhé stamping plate 


Swatch of Pretty woman nyc light blue ceramic 💙💙💙 (part of the Ceramic Collection)

This creamy light blue (very hard to capture the real color is this beauty😉) is smooth to apply. 

It dries with a matte finish and this gives your nails a soft porcelain look. 

I think it’s really beautiful and classy. Also a perfect polish to use as a base for some romantic nailart.

Pretty woman nyc is 5-free and cruelty free 👍

Pretty woman nyc ‘light blue ceramic’ polish

Romantic stamping

I stamped over my Pretty woman nyc swatch 💙💙💙

I used Héhé plate 009 , part of The Early Collection 💙

I think this héhé plate and pretty woman nyc polish are a perfect match. 

The matte finish of prettywomannyc light blue ceramic polish matches so well with the romantic héhé stamping plate 💙💜

A look at the images on the stamping plate and on my nails

Héhé stamping plate 009

The back of this héhé stamping plate

Macro shot of the key (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the bird (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the fairy (héhé stamping plate 009)

Macro shot of the cage (héhé stamping plate 009)

The Pretty woman nyc polish I used ‘light blue ceramic’

Stamped nails by @glamournailart


Héhé stamping plate 021 – Kitty

A look at héhé stamping plate 021

Back of the original héhé stamping plate. When you see this print on the back you know you have a real héhé plate

Kittynails using héhé plate 021

Kittynails and pawprints 🐾🐾🐾🐱🐈🐾🐾🐾

For this mani I used héhé stamping plate number 021 

I love this cute kitty design 😻😻😻

Héhé stamping plate 021 is part if the Japanese Comic Collection 🐈

Héhé stamping plates have a great quality and the image picks up very well 💙💙

Macro shot of the pawprints 🐾🐾🐾

Macro shot of the kitty pattern 🐱🐱🐱

Kittynails by @glamournailart


Pretty woman nyc and ejiubas review 

Ejiubas nailvinyls

Sunlight shot

3 double review 😉😉😂😂 💖

To create this design I used nailvinyls that I received to review from ejiubas 💜💜💜 

The vinyls come in a beautiful purple cardboard pouch and are very easy to peel of the sheets. You can easily cut the vinyls in the right size if necessary. 

For my ringfinger I used nailvinyl es-019 and for my other fingers I used es-016 , the last one I cut in smaller pieces to create the stripe design. 

The next tutorial on how to apply this nailvinyls I found on the ejiubas website. 

Instructions on how to use the ejiubas nailvinyls (source ejiubas site)

Check out ejiubas on Amazone for cool nail stuff ! 

Ejiubas nailvinyls

Next part of this review is the gorgeous polish I received from Pretty woman nyc


Pretty woman nyc Sand Dollar and Sassypants

One of the new colors in their collection is ‘Sassypants‘, a gorgeous bright pink polish, I used this one as a base for my mani 💖.

Pretty woman nyc Sassypants 💖 is very smooth to apply (I applied only one coat) and dries up opaque with a more matte finish. (It’s very hard to capture this lovely color with the camera😉😂😘💖)

To create the pattern I used Pretty woman nyc Sand Collection ‘Sand Dollar‘. I love this marvellous silver texture polish, only one coat is enough to get a great coverage and it’s so beautiful and sparkly. 

For this mani I used Pretty woman nyc polish and ejiubas nailvinyls

Closer look at my pointer

Closer look at my ringfinger

Pink and silver nails by @glamournailart

I definitely recommand buying Pretty woman nyc polish , it has a great quality and it’s cruelty free !!!


Héhé stamping plates science collection 

Bacterianails by @glamournailart

Closer look

Little colorfull bacterias 🐉🐛

Technique used:  Reversed stamping 😘

For this mani I used héhé stamping plate science collection number 089

Héhé stamping plates have a great quality, the image picks up very well ! 

As a topcoat I used essence gummy drop 💖💖

Héhé plate 089

Another look at this bacteria nails

Macro shot

Bacterianails by @glamournailart

I really enjoy using héhé stamping plates,  they have a great quality and have plenty of choice 👍💖
Check out héhé stamping plates to get yours !!!! 



Héhé stamping plate 076 and 094

Héhé stamping plate 076

Nailart by @glamournailart

The packing of the héhé stamping plates

Second review of the héhé stamping plates  I received to review. 

To create this design I used héhé stamping plate 076 (plaids and floral collection)  and 094 (Science collection)

If you’re like me not so good in watermarble stuff this stamping plates are perfect to create a glam stone effect 💚💚💚

Héhé stamping plates have a great quality, the image picks up very well ! 

Check out Héhé plates to get yours 💚👍

To create this design I first stamped on my mint green base using stamping plate 076, first I stamped using a light blue polish and than a darker green polish. After that I used stamping plate 094 to create the silver pattern and finally I added some gold glitter 💚💚💚

I’m very happy how this mani turned out and I definitely recommand buying these Héhé stamping plates  👍👍


Héhé stamping plate 094

Macro shot of my middlefinger

Stamping plate 076 and 094

Stamped nails by @glamournailart

Check out héhé stamping plates to buy a great stamping plate !!! 



Dotted mouse and gradient 

Dotted mouse and gradient by @glamournailart

Little mouse says Hello 🐀🐁🐭🐀🐁🐭

Closer look

I created this mouse using only dots. 

I really enjoyed painting the dotted mouse 🐀🐁🐭

On my other nails I created a blue-purple-pink gradient. 

This mani is inspired by @mysticfleur  (on Instagram)