Another set of #belgiannails ♥💛❤ 

The #belgianreddevils were playing at euro2016 , so I made this set of nails to support the #soccerteam of my country ♥💛❤ unfortuonally they lost but here’re my nails anyway 😉😉

The effect I created on my middlefinger and ringfinger are special #nailart 3-D stickers from Dimension nails

I think they’re very cool 👍👍👍 for this mani I used ‘Notorious’ 

First I cut them in the right size, after that I sticked them to my nails (you don’t need to use glue they’re self-adhesive) and finally I painted them in the colors I wanted. 

Thank you so much Dimension nails for creating this cool stickers, this is the perfect way to create a very unique and striking mani 👍👍👍

Check out my Youtube channel for a video tutorial on how to use these nailstickers.  



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