Birds decals by @glamournailart

Check out my Youtube channel for a videotutorial on how to apply this cute waterdecals 🐦🐀🐦🐀🐦

Step 1: Remove protection foil from the decals
Step 2: Cut the decal in the right shape
Step 3: Plunge the #decal into water for about 20 sec
Step 4: Place the decal on your nails
Step 5: Dep dry
Step 6: Apply topcoat


Birddecals by @glamournailart


Some cute colorfull birds today 🐦🐀🐦🐀🐦

The birds are waterdecals from Nicole Diary

Don’t forget to use my discount code 😊Ch2016😊 to receive a gift when you buy something from Nicole Diary on Aliexpress or Amazone

Little tip πŸ˜‰ don’t forget to remove the protection foil on the waterdecals before you plunge them into water.


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