Soccer nails


Belgian red devil nails by @glamournailart

Today is the Belgium soccer ⚽ team playing in Euro2016 πŸƒ or the European Championship soccer ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Ofcourse I hope Belgium wins ⚽❀⚽❀⚽
Especially for this game I made some Belgian soccer nails ⚽⚽#gobelgianreddevils


Soccernails by @glamournailart

My soccernails for #nailartchallengejune βš½πŸƒβš½πŸƒβš½πŸƒβš½ on Instagram
Of course I added the flag of Belgium because I support ❀ the #belgianreddevils on #euro2016
I freehand painted everything except for the emoji 😍 on my pointer and ringfinger. These are #waterdecals from Nicole Diary


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