Strawberrynails by @glamournailart

Strawberrynails 🍓🍓🍓🍓

Today I decided to make some strawberries

Polish used :
♡ SoMe ‘red’
♡ SoMe ‘white’
♡ L’Oréal ‘Green Couture’


Rabbit and carrots


Little rabbit 🐰 🐇 🐰 🐇 🐰 loves carrots 💛 💛 💛 (no carrot emoji :?)

I freehand painted the rabbit 🐇🐰🐇

For the carrots I used BornPrettyStore Grid Carrot Design Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Y018 6cm number #20722

I received this stamping plate to review and liked it very much, it was nice packed and has some great images !

Use my coupon code AUUX31 to get 10 % discount 👍


Flower decals


Waterdecalnails by @glamournailart

Review of the last beautiful waterdecals I received from BornPrettyStore

This decals were on one sheet and on the sheet were 4 different kind of decals.
This one has a black background and some pretty powder pink roses.

I love them, go check out http://www.bornprettystore.com #20320 and purchase them for €3,99 , use my coupon code AUUX31 to get 10 % discount

Polish used : ♡ Sally Hansen ‘Berry Juicy’


Red rose waterdecals


Close up of red rose waterdecals


Red rose waterdecals by @glamournailart

Red nails

I received red rose waterdecals to review from BornPrettyStore

They are really beautiful and elegant and a perfect match with some bright red polish

I placed a decal on my ringfinger and middle finger , the decals are transparant so you can see the polish you use right true it.
On my ringfinger I used a white polish as a base for the waterdecals and on my middle finger a red polish, the red polish makes it harder to see the beautiful rose pattern of the decal

Look for #20622 on BornPrettyStore and use my discount code AUUX31 to get a 10% discount

Polish used :

♡ Rimmel ‘Raw as Night’
♡ Rimmel ‘White hot Love’