Roses waterdecals


Roses by @glamournailart

Another set of gorgeous waterdecals from BornPrettyStore 🌹🌹🌹 for only € 1,55

When I first saw these decals I was immedaitely in love, such gorgeous roses 😻🌹🌹

For some reason I always have some problems applying waterdecals, but it’s definitely worth the try because the effect is really great 💖💖💖

I cut out the decals in the right shape, plunged it in the water for about 20 seconds and placed it on my nails. Than I applied some topcoat.
When you apply topcoat you have to be carefull not to damage the decal.

I’m very happy with the outcome of this mani 💚🌹💚🌹💚

Polish used : ♡ Sally Hansen ‘Green Tea’ 💚


Roses waterdecals by @glamournailart


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