Kitty waterdecals


Kitty waterdecals by @glamournailart

Kitty 🐈🐈🐈 mani

I received this beautiful and very cute waterdecals from @bornprettystore   to review 🐱

First of all I think they’re very cute, I looooove cats 🐈💗🐈💗🐈

I cut them out and placed them in water for about 30 seconds. Than I used tweezers to pic them out of the water and place them on the nails. My first try was a fail, the decal became a little ball on my nail 😥 but my second try went much smoother and I managed to apply all 4 kittydecals without too much trouble :):)☺.
I’m happy with the outcome of this cute mani, I would recommand this decals to everyone who loves cute nails 💕💕

Btw the owl ring is also from @bornprettystore

Polish used :
♡ MUA ‘Strawberry Crush’💖
♡ Rimmel ‘Fizzy Applelicious’ 🍏


Close up by @glamournailart


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