Born Pretty Polish


Born pretty owls by @glamournailart

Look at the gorgeous and cute waterdecals I received to review from Born Pretty Store
Just love them, so detailed and lovely.

I really like owls, so I was excited to try these.
They’re very easy to use, just cut out the owl you wanna use, put it in water for about 15 seconds, take it out the water, take the decal and place in on your (polished) nail, let it dry and apply top coat.

I also got this holo polish to review.
First I wasn’t really sure about the color because I don’t really use orange a lot.
But my doubts immediately disappeared when I tried it out, the color was gorgeous on my nails.
It was a rusty brown/orange with a subtle shimmer, a perfect fall color.
Very easy and smooth to apply, and opaque even after one coat.
So I would recommend everyone to buy this polish !!!




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