Flowers with my new brushes


Light Blue Flowers by @glamournailart

This is the first mani painted with my new brushes I bought at BornPrettyStore

To do this design I was inspired by the talented Lynieczka on Instagram , I tought it was great design to give my new brushes a try.

Polish I used

Rimmel ‘White Hot Love’
Rimmel ‘Pillow Talk’
MUA ‘Bold Blue’


Review of my new brushes by @glamournailart

When I opened the package I saw all this pretty tiny brushes in different colors and with a cap on it to protect the brush. Very usefull, with the cap, the hairs of the brush don’t get damaged when they’re in a box or bag.

It’s very handy that the brushes have all different colors so you can remember wish to use when you paint in different colors, for example, blue brush for blue polish 😉

The brushes are very tiny and perfect to paint delicate designs. I was really amazed by how handy and easy to use these brushes were, I could paint very small details without any problems.

I only used polish to paint this mani !

The brushes are easy to clean, I used non-acetone polish remover.

I can really recommend this small brushes if you love doing nailart.

When I bought them they were on promotion, only € 5,25 , now they cost around € 8 but if you use promotion code AUUX31 you get a 10% discount 😉 😉 😉



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