Another review for

This is the 3rd product I’m reviewing from the great stuff I received from BornPrettyStore


Lovely charm ♥♥♥

I  received 5 beautiful heartshaped charms, in a creamy pearly white color.
The charms are big but fit on a nail, a real eyecatcher.


I placed the pretty charms on my nails, only using topcoat to seal them.
The pearly heart stayed on well if you don’t do any nail-unfriendly work 😉  😉  😉
You can also use glue to apply the charm but I don’t like using it cause it damages your nail and clear polish works fine for me.

On my middlefinger and pinkie I painted some lace and added a small piece of the lovely waterdecals I reviewed yesterday !!!

My conclusion

This is a gorgeous nailcharm, it can really make something special from a simple mani.


Mani by @glamournailart

If you want a charm like this or the waterdecals I used, just go to BornPrettyStore and use code AUUX31 to get 10% discount



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